Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mr. Cab Driver

****Actual conversation between a nice Eastern European cabbie and myself, leaving the St. John's airport at 1:30am****

Cabbie: Where you going, sir?

Me: George St.

C: You need hotel?

M: No, just anywhere on George St.

C: Well, where are you going?

M: I'm not really sure....

C: Where are you staying?

M: Well, tonight I'm not really staying anywhere. In a few hours I'm going to do some recording down at  the water, and I'll figure out tomorrow......tomorrow.

C: You have no place to sleep?

M: I'm not sleeping tonight. I'm here to work on a piece of music, and I'll be working all night.

C: You don't know where you're staying?

M: I figure it'll all work out. Or not.

C: You're the boss.

-Awkward silence for the rest of the ride-