Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Over-Tired

Who's on the jet set?
Nothing projects the image of success and competence like a snazzy laptop/carry-on bag. Clearly everyone who's path I cross will marvel at the power and influence I obviously wield.


Considering the fact that I don't anticipate getting any kind of sleep for about 36 hours, you'd think I'd make sure I got a good night's rest before I set out.

Sigh, again.

So, why Terry Fox?

This past year as I promoted 'Aim for the Roses', I was surprised by how many people assumed that Ken Carter was a childhood hero of mine. In reality I didn't even hear of Ken until I was 30.

But it got me thinking: Who was my childhood hero?

Luke Skywalker, for sure. Most of my Mom's broom handles were wrapped in electrical tape and coloured green with a magic marker or highlighter. I spent a lot of time in the summer of 1983 wearing one black glove, and desperately trying to harness the force.

My real-life hero as a child, without question, was Terry Fox.

Never being into sports, I was short on real idols until the summer of 1980.

So when Mark McGregor and I were talking about a piece that would examine the mythical stages of the hero's journey as laid out by Joseph Campbell, it didn't take long for my brain to connect the dots.