Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Last Mile of the Way

First of all, 'thank you' to anyone who has followed this blog and the creation of '3339'. 

I was struggling a bit with how to finish this project blog, not sure what to say exactly. The concert was amazing, and the people performing with me were incredible, it was all more than I could have hoped for.

But a review of the concert didn't seem like the best ending for this blog. The whole project became so much about my childhood, and the landscape of northern Ontario. The 9 months or so I spent on 3339 were about so much more than just the Terry Fox story or a piece of music.

At the same time as this project was ending, my next project was gearing up. Working with an idol (the cartoonist Seth) to create an intricate, multi-layered work is turning out to be an incredible experience. It felt somehow tied into 3339, but I couldn't put my finger on how.

Revisiting the works I was obsessed with at the end of childhood and the beginning of my teen years have helped it all makes sense; 'Aim for the Roses' and '3339' were warm-ups for (title subject to change) 'Omnis Temporalis'. The story-telling elements of both, the enveloping sonic world of the record and the theatricality of the live's time to combine them all. 

A record that tells a story and draws the listener into a new world; a live performance that exists somewhere between concert and theatre; a treasure hunt, just because it seems like a great idea.

The next 16 months will be very interesting.