Monday, August 1, 2011

The Aging Body

Monday, 7:30am EST

It’s not like I’m inexperienced in the fine art of sleeping on the Greyhound.
The year I played Principal Bass for the Kamloops Symphony I took the overnight bus back to Vancouver many, many times. With a double bass. And each time I managed to get some decent slumber.
Last night I learned that when the body is pushing 40 it no longer responds as well to being twisted into Tim Burton yoga poses in a vain attempt to rest.
On the plus side, it’s a beautiful Ontario morning as we head out of Sudbury. I’m looking forward to the brief stop in Espanola, crossing the Spanish River and seeing the dam at the Eddy mill.
I’m kind of looking forward to the whole ride. I’m tired enough that I’m in a state of near hallucination, so it should be interesting at the very least.
The first thing I saw as we entered Sudbury? Deluxe Hamburgers. Excellent.